Caffeine and Miscarriage In Pregnant Women

Caffeine and miscarriage in pregnant women has become a major topic of concern for pregnant women. You must have heard obstetricians mull & talk about caffeine and miscarriage in pregnant women. Obstetricians advice that pregnant women must limit their caffeine intake up to certain extent or avoid it completely. Caffeine intake may lead pregnant women to miscarriage. Two research studies in 2008 emphasized on the higher possibility of miscarriage rates & lower infant birth weights in pregnant Read more [...]

Benefits of Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings many health benefits of pregnancy to all mothers. Mothers receive pregnancy benefits that help them to live a happy pregnancy life with their babies & family. The extra hormones that are produced during pregnancy provide with certain pregnancy benefits for mothers which have positive effects on the mother’s well being. Health benefits of pregnancy include pregnancy benefits like encouraging fetal development & benefits of childbirth & breastfeeding. A Research from Read more [...]

Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

It is important to get sufficient amount of nutrition during pregnancy. These essential nutrients help your baby to grow healthy & help you to stay energized always. However, it's equally important that you must know which foods to avoid during pregnancy. In this article we present to you various foods to avoid during pregnancy. The following is the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy-   Raw Meat: When you are pregnant, you should avoid eating uncooked seafood & undercooked poultry Read more [...]

Postnatal Exercises

Post pregnancy period is an important phase in a mother's life. During this period it is essential that the mother follows certain postnatal exercises like postnatal stomach exercises, a proper postnatal pregnancy workout regime & a proper postnatal diet. All these things are important to keep the mother in good health & shape. Postnatal exercises or post pregnancy workout helps you to maintain fitness & keeps your mind relaxed. Postnatal exercises like postnatal stomach exercises Read more [...]


Effective post natal care can make all the difference to the mother's health as well as their newborns. Post natal period is critical, especially the period from birth of a child to the 28th day from its birth. All countries report numerous deaths of babies during the initial 28 days of their birth. Similarly, countries report numerous deaths of women due to complications linked with postnatal problems. These factors seriously indicate that effective postnatal care is very important & must be Read more [...]

Post-Pregnancy – Shopping List

Baby Shopping List Mothers sometimes get confused regarding the necessary items that they must include in their baby’s shopping list. This article will highlight the important things you should include in your baby’s shopping list. Things you must include in your baby’s shopping list are as follows Mattress, sheets & blankets to keep the baby warm & comfortable Get a car seat that is convenient for the baby. This is important because a baby’s body is delicate & Read more [...]

Breast Feeding

Breast milk is a boon to the baby. Breast milk provides with all the necessary nutrition to the baby. Hence, it’s important that you breast feed your baby on a regular basis. In this article, we present to you few important things to remember about breastfeeding. What is the appropriate time to begin with breast feeding? This is a common question that many mothers come across. The best time to start breast feeding is immediately after your baby's birth. This is the time when your breasts Read more [...]

Tips on Choosing the Best Prenatal Vitamins

It's always a good time to begin caring for your, as well as your baby's health during preconception. There are many ways to achieve good health for you & your baby. However, the one way to attain good health for you & your baby is by choosing the best prenatal vitamin. Daily intake of prenatal vitamins helps your body to stock up on all the important nutrients. These nutrients are very important to carry you & your baby through a healthy stage of pregnancy. Another reason is that Read more [...]

Postnatal Diet

Post natal period is an important phase in the mother’s life. It’s important that the mother receives a proper nutrient rich diet during this period. Proper diet is important for the mother to restore her optimum health. It’s also important for the baby to grow well which depends on the mother’s nutrient rich breast milk. In this article, we present to you some important things to keep in mind about the postnatal diet for the mother. Important things to keep in mind regarding the postnatal Read more [...]

Breast care after delivery

Breast care after delivery is very important both for successful feeding and to avoid health problems. Your breasts will never return to exactly the same shape as before pregnancy. But most sagging or enlargement is due to pregnancy, rather than nursing. It’s important to wear a nursing bra for firm support and postnatal exercises will help prevent sagging. After weaning, milk-producing glands are gradually replaced by fatty tissue. Breasts and nipples should be washed and dried thoroughly Read more [...]