How to Get Pregnant

The hectic life style and work related stress has affected the personal aspirations of people in a harmful manner. The focus on birth control and contraception is so great that people tend to forget that there are many more things to be in order before conception can occur. Some women experience contraception as a very easy task while some others feel the aim of fertilization as daily nightmare. They use all kinds of aids to assist fertilization like  ovulation kits, sexual positions and  fertility kits.

This article provides information on how to get pregnant, whether it is a first attempt or subsequent tries by improving your chances of getting pregnant. Experts suggest that every woman has only 25% chance of getting pregnant in a month. Hence, it is very important to follow all tips to increase the success rate.

Steps before trying to get pregnant

  • Minimize or reduce caffeine, cigarettes or alcohol from the daily lifestyle. Caffeine and alcohol have been found to reduce chances of conception. Cigarettes can reduce formation of eggs, decrease sperm quality and prolong the menopause period for a longer time.
  • Reduce the intensity of exercises: Over exercising has been attributed to be a cause of problems in ovulation.  Some doctors believe that moderate exercises can help a woman while some do not agree with this proposition. Fertility experts suggest that women who have problems in conceiving should take a break from exercising for at least three months.
  • Attain the ideal body weight: A woman with too little or too high body weight can have problems in ovulation. The ideal body mass index which can assist conception in women has been suggested to be in the range of 24 to 30.
  • Avoid any kind of depression: Women who plan to conceive should avoid any kind of depression in personal life or work life. The depression can increase the stress levels, harming the entire reproduction process of a woman.

How to approach the aim of getting pregnant

Consult an obstetrician or a gynecologist: The physician would conduct all medical tests, check for any infections which might also include fertility harmful sexually transmitted diseases and control any lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, diabetes. The doctor might also prescribe some pre-natal medicines which could contain folic acid apart from a review of the medicines that a person already consumes.

Stop the use of birth control medicines: The use of these pills should be stopped immediately after a person decides to conceive. Medical practitioners suggest that at least one full cycle should be free from the use of birth control pills before a person attempts to get pregnant.


Know the ovulation time: There are three methods of determining ovulation time in the body of a woman. However, they are not 100% accurate. They need to be used perfectly in order to have a fair idea of the time of ovulation.

  • Cervical mucus might get stretchier and thinner at the time of ovulation. Some women also feel a slight discomfort in their abdomen at the time of ovulation.
  • The body temperature of a woman drops at the time of ovulation. This might not be very useful in prediction of ovulation. The person needs to record the body temperature every morning and evening to notice the reduction in body temperature. This method cannot predict ovulation but let a person know that ovulation has occurred.
  • Ovulation kits are available at medical stores and help in determination of ovulation time to some extent. The kits help in monitoring the level of lutenizing hormone in a woman’s body. This hormone level increase by at least 26 to 30 hours before ovulation. New devices have been innovated which can help in detecting ovulation time five days in advance.

The use of ovulation kits has been considered to be the most accurate method of detecting the time of ovulation in a woman.

Increase the frequency of sex before ovulation: When a woman knows the exact time of her ovulation, it is advisable to engage in intercourse on the ovulation day and the next two days. Some experts recommend sex a day prior to ovulation. This is due to two reasons. One, the lifespan of a sperm is 24 to 48 hours when the eggs are released, they will have plenty of sperm to interact and break down the shell, thereby assisting pregnancy. Second, the eggs released by the ovaries can survive only 12 to 24 hours after ovulation. Hence, if a person releases eggs in the morning and waits till night to have sex, then the eggs might get weakened by night time. Moreover, cervical mucus also tends to get thicker after ovulation which can make it difficult for the sperm to pass through them to the eggs.

Enjoy and have fun: The most important aspect of pregnancy is to enjoy intercourse and make sex a fun activity than a boring routine with a tension associated with it. The stress of conception should be taken out of mind while having sex with the partner.

Provide time for the body:  With the exception of fertility problems in a woman and other habits which might interfere with conception, 50% of the women conceive within first six months of trying and remaining 85% within a year of trying to get pregnant.

Pregnancy is an enjoyable experience when a woman connects with the baby in her womb. Any tension or stress associated with it should be overcome with imagination of the happiness that one would have with the baby. Planned efforts and healthy lifestyle can definitely help a woman conceive.

Becoming pregnant doesn’t mean that you are ready for the child. Pregnancy should be planned. Care should be taken of the child right from start of pregnancy and after the child is born. For details visit: Important things to keep in mind during baby’s delivery and Important aspects of Baby feeding


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